Luxury Wooden Cottage | 1-bedroom | Ramsar | VR140

کلبه لاکچری و چوبی در جنگل های رامسر مازندران


• The pictures of Luxury Wooden Cottage:

facilities in villa
facilities in villa
villa in Ramsar
villa in Ramsar
Villa in Mazandaran
Villa in Mazandaran
Luxury wooden cottage
Luxury wooden cottage
the Kitchen
the Kitchen
beds in the villa
beds in the villa


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1) Luxury Wooden Cottage| Image + location + Details :

In this paragraph, we are going to discuss about the facilities and location of Luxury wooden cottage which is located in Ramsar forest. First of all, this villa has one bedroom, but there is enough place for 4 people to stay. Secondly, the location is famous for its rare natural forms and fresh air. Therefore, if you are a nature lover and wants to stay in a green area, this cottage is absolutely fit you. Thirdly, the cottage is well-equipped, and you have this opportunity to rest in a property which has lots of daily life equipment. All in all, if you want to relax in the middle of Ramsar jungle, this cottage can be a good option.

 2)The facilities of Luxury Wooden Cottage :

To sum up, the facilities wont let you down. Here, there are some facilities such as beds, heating, air conditioner, sofas, Tv, microwave, oven ,toaster, kitchen utensils and Iranian toilet. Also, other main things like jacuzzi, barbeque and terrace with a good viewpoint are available here.

3) Location :

To be clarified, Delhi touristic village is located in a very calm, green, fresh environment; also, it is near to the city center; hence, you are able to appreciate the local life of north of Iran whenever you desire.

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