Wooden cottage | A two-bedrooms villa in Arbe kale | VR112


•The pictures of Wooden cottage in Arbe kale:

villa in Ramsar
villa in Ramsar
bedrooms in the villa
bedrooms in the villa
the balcony of villa
the balcony of villa
the kitchen in the Wooden villa
the kitchen in the Wooden villa
Wooden cottage
Wooden cottage
The details of facilities
The details of facilities


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1)Wooden cottage in Arbe kale| pictures+ location+ facilities

In this paragraph, we are going to describe the Wooden cottage in Arbe kale. First and most important, this villa is located in the green lands of north of Iran. Therefore, you will absolutely be amazed by the nature and fresh air. Secondly, the facilities of this villa is almost noticeable. However, this place is known for its beautiful viewpoint of forest. Thirdly, the ordinary stuffs that you need for your daily life is put in this villa. Hence, you can travel without carrying lots of stuff. In general if you are looking for a villa wich offers you a green viewpoint of forest, this villa suits you.

2) The location of Traditional villa in Ramsar:

As mentioned above, Wooden cottage is in the green nature of Arbe kale, Ramsar. For this reason, you are able to enjoy both the wonderful landscapes and facilities of city center. To clarify, you can access to the city center just by 22 minutes driving. Also, this place is near to the Ramsar airport.

3)The facilities of villa in Arbe kale: 

As declared previously, you cant count on the entertainment facilities of this cottage. Otherwise, you have this opportunity to chill out with your friends in the green nature and make your soul as calm as possible. the facilities that we can mention here include: beds, TV, refrigerator, parking lot, air conditioner and kitchen utensils.

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• Location of Arbe kale:

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