Travel to Tehran-Kashan-Isfahan-Yazd

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Travel to Tehran-Kashan-Isfahan-Yazd

Day 1 : Meeting with the guides at the airport, transfer and check in hotel. Full day city tour of Tehran, visit SaadAbbad palace, Telesiege, dinner and introduce at restaurant.

Day 2 : Transfer to Kashan in the morning. City tour and visit King Amir-ahmad historic bath (this  beautiful old bath is located near the famous merchant’s houses in Kashan), Abbasiha and Boroujerdi  houses, transfer to hotel and lunch.

Day 3 :Tour of Kashan includes Ameriha house, Sialk hills (proximately 4,500 years BC), Fin garden, school and mosque of Aqa-Bozorg  and traditional market of Kashan.

Day 4 : visit Maranjab desert that is located in Isfahan province , Dastkan well , Maranjab caravansary , Rig-boland ( a region with arid climate in the central of Iran ) , watching the sunset in salt lake of Maranjab , transfer to the hotel .

Day 5 : visit a tourist village of Abyaneh in Kashan and gardens of Haniza region , transfer to hotel in Isfahan .

Day 6 : Full day city tour of Isfahan , visit Naqshe-Jahan square that is a square situated at the center of Isfahan city that is now as important historical site and one of Unesco’s world heritage sites,after lunch we have night tour in Naqshe-Jahan square and historical bridges .

Day 7 : visit Jameh mosque of Isfahan ( beautifulest masque in the world! ) , Oljaitosanctuary and domes of mosque , Monarjonban ( shaking minarets ), rest in the hotel .

Day 8 : go to the Meybod , visit Ancient sites in Meybod such as : Caravansary Sangi , castle NarinQal’eh , chaparkhaneh , adobe refrigerator , pottery and ceramic museum , rest in the hotel .

Day 9 : city tour of Yazd , visit Zoroastrian fire temple , tower of silence ( the Zoroastrian burial traditional ) , historical district of Fahadan , prison of Eskandarieh , lunch and rest in the hotel . then go to the Cham village, watch the sunset in this place and visit lighthouse tower , return to the Yazd , visit Dollat-abad  garden and the biggest windward in the world and go to Zein al din caravansary , accommodation in Zein al din caravansary .

Day 10 : tour of Meymand village and visit tourist attractions of village . go to the Kerman and transfer to the airport and come back to Tehran.

Day 11 : rest in the hotel , lunch , in the afternoon visit national Garden ( Baq-e-meli ) Gateway in Tehran , national museum of Iran & glassware museum .

Banquet and dinner in restaurant. transfer to the airport

Travel to Tehran-Kashan-Isfahan-Yazd

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