Travel to IRAN (Kordestan,Azarbayjan,Gilan,Tehran)

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Travel to IRAN – Package 2

Travel to Kordestan,Azarbayjan,Gilan,Tehran

Day 1:Arrival to Kermansah  (Travel to IRAN)

transfer to hotel , city tour of Kermanshah includes Taq-e bostan ( is a site with a series of large rock reliefs from the era of Sassanid empire ), Bisoton complex , TakiehMo’avenol-Molk and traditional market and buy souvenir .

Day 2 :Kermanshah  

Visit QuriQala cave, go to the HAjij village where located in Kermanshah which lies through the mountains of Shaho .Bil spring, Hawramanvillage .

Day 3 :Kermanshah  (Travel to IRAN)

Nature tour in hawramanvillage ,Performancesof folk dancesin the wild, accommodation incamp in nature .

Day 4 :Sanandaj

Visit Lake Zarivar ,go to Sanandaj and transfer to the hotel .

Day 5 :West Azarbaijan  (Travel to IRAN)

Visit Takht-e Soleymānis an archaeological site in West Azarbaijan, Soleymanprison ,Soleyman lake , Spatreatment, transfer to the hotel in Zanjan .

Day 6 :Zanjan

Visit Dome of Soltaniyeh ,Katalekhor cave , return to Zanjan city and transfer to the hotel .

Day 7 :Tabriz   (Travel to IRAN)

Transfer to Tabriz, visit JolfaCounty ,Asyabkharabe Waterfall , Saint Stepanos Monastery , accommodation in the hotel .

Day 8 :Tabriz

Visit Kandovanvillage(This village exemplifies manmade cliff dwellings which are still inhabited ) . in afternoon go to the Tabriz and transfer to the hotel .

Day 9 :Tabriz   (Travel to IRAN)

Visit Pāpak Fort or BabakCastle ,Arasbaran forest ,nature and Eco tour ,transfer to the hotel .

Day 10 :Ardabil

Transfer to Ardabil ,Sabalanfoothills region and visit Shahsavan nomads ,ancient complex of Safi-ad-din-Ardabili , accommodation in hotel .

Day 11 :Ardabil-Gilan province   (Travel to IRAN)

Transfer to the Asalem-Khalkhalroad , Almas(means diamond) defile, Nav-asalem region , eco tour in the forests of the region ,accommodation in the hotel .

Day 12 :Gilan province

Safari tour in Olsblangaregion ,Nam-e Pashto ,Shambles of MīrzāKūchikKhān (he is considered a national hero in modern Iranian history)AlalehPoshtGilan , transfer to hotel .

Day 13 :Gilan province–Tehran   (Travel to IRAN)

Visit the village of masuleh ,Rudkhan Castle (is a brick and stone medieval castle in Iran) , visit RuralMuseum of Gilan and return to Tehran .

Day 14 :Tehran

Rest in the hotel ,lunch and transfer to airport .

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